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hampton green alliance logoHamptons Green Alliance (HGA) is a dynamic group of building and related-service

professionals on the East End of Long Island organized to promote green building and maintenance practices.
Members are leaders in their respective fields. HGA's goal is to be a resource for proven green and ecological practices. They are driven by a committment to use their expertise to make our planet greener.

HGA was formed in order to provide its members and the general public with a platform to provide and exchange practical information and ideas concerning materials, systems, best practices and the benefits of sustainable green building. They have a community forum where you can read and comment about different green building topics. Check it out here.
Read how founding business - Telemark, Inc. is walking the walk..."Hamptons Luxury Homes: One of Country's First Builders to Become Carbon Neutral..." more...






Buildings account for more than 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide (more than the 35% that car emissions create). GREEN buildings, which take into account the site, water, energy, resources and indoor air quality, reduce CO2 by 30-40%. They are built to the highest degree of efficiency, provide lower operating costs, and provide a healthier indoor air environment than traditional built homes.


The East End of Long Island, is abuzz with green building projects. Towns are greening building codes, architects and builders are being re-educated, painters are eliminating VOC’s from their business, cleaning companies are using all natural products and swimming pool companies are eliminating chlorine. These changes are happening because consumers are starting to demand them.


Here at we have our pulse on the green building movement. Feel free to give us a call for more information or to schedule a tour of green homes on the East End.


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dubrow enterprisesDid you know that indoor air pollutants can be four to five times higher than outdoors?! Dubrow Enterprises recently discussed this issue. Read it here...


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