Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • LEED A.P.
  • Built a performance pavillion in a run down park in Sayville for people to come and see local artists and performances in a park setting, known as The Common Ground.
  • Built a food pantry and upgraded all the infrastructure to save energy and be friendly to the patrons.
  • Built the Sayville Welcome Center with solar electric and many sustainable materials.
  • These and more were built at my expense to better the community and clean up blighted areas.

Green Challenge

  • We continue to strive for not only energy efficiency in all our projects but a better environment inside and out for our customers. A new home on the Great South Bay in Sayville was built totally with the local area in mind and the comfort and easy livability for the owners including passive systems and local and adapted plantings for ease of use and water efficiency. As a LEED AP, I strive to do even more on each continuing project. I have a local TV show on FIOS 1 called ask John The Builder and also on the web where I have segments on materials reuse and other sustainable practices.

Cox Construction

John Cox

Cox Construction Company

Sayville, NY