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  • Save Sag Harbor was started as a community-based effort to keep Sag Harbor from becoming overrun by big chain stores, and to make sure that family-and locally-owned businesses can continue to thrive here.
  • We want to protect the sustainability of Sag Harbor's many small stores and the social, cultural, and environmental aesthetics of the Village.
  • This has evolved into the larger goal of maintaining the scale and quality of life in and around the village in both commercial, residential, and ecological terms.
  • We realize that sustainability relates not only to green living, but also to the idea of preservation itself, and in our case, how to specifically preserve a community's make-up and character.
  • Our "shop locally" campaign has always been about sustainability, and a locavore attitude that honors the community of which we are a part.



Save Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor, NY