Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • Changed my big black gas guzzler for a Prius.
  • Use cloth shopping bags 98% of the time.
  • Compost all food scrapes in my backyard compost pile.
  • All lightbulbs in my house are CFL’s
  • Mindful of turning lights off and heat down whenever possible.
  • Wash laundry in cold water. (Except Bedlinens)
  • Have a 100ft. clothes line that I use 80% of the time from May-Sept. and 90% of the time for bedlinens year round.
  • Canceled the diesel spewing garbage pick up service and now bring my own recyclables and trash to town dump.***
  • Cut my papertowel usage by at least 70% (this was a toughie)
  • Buy local fruit and veggies at all times when in season.
  • BIG SUPPORTER OF MY LOCAL VINEYARDS!!! (this is an easy one)
  • Greened up my Real Estate business by becoming Eco-Broker Certified four years ago.
  • Use all natural home cleaning products. (Even make them myself when time permits.)
  • Launching a local marketing business to help promote a sustainable life and sustainable businesses as well as dedicating 10% of all profits back to the community. 


Green Challenge

Eliminating to-go coffee cups.

I try to buy from Tate’s (local) bakery because they have changed their cups to compostable. But if I am out of the area and don’t have my reusable cup in the car (which I never do) I can’t seem to control myself !!


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Cathy Hartman

Southampton, NY