Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • Green Committee lead at my children's schools, where they are working hard to improve their recycling and reduce their paper usage and paper products. All PTA meetings now use biodegradable products.
  • use my travel coffee mug and my reusable water bottle nearly all the time.
  • most of the year I live in the city and so I shop at Wholefoods nearly exclusively for their local or organic products.
  • use my canvas tote bags.
  • we use cloth napkins at dinner.
  • unplug all unnecessary appliances and charges from power sockets.
  • return our dry cleaning hangers to the dry cleaner.
  • recycle plastic bags that we can’t avoid getting from stores.
  • refuse carry bags from stores whenever possible.
  • no longer buy bottled water
  • have tried a couple of times to like tissues from recycled products, but really that one is a hard one. They are so scratchy!
  • we’ve converted over to green cleaning products in our house.
  • try to find outlets for hand-me-downs; but when the items are too far gone, I donate them to Wearable Collections, an organization that saves items from the landfill and turns them into insulation, sofa stuffing etc etc.
  • recycle, recycle, recycle.

Green Challenge

  • trying to reduce our reliance/use of paper towel. We’ve done well but we’ve got a way to go to be free of that handy item!

Lesa Tinker

Lesa Tinker

Bridgehampton, NY

Manhattan, NY