Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • I became a certified Feng Shui and Building Biology consultant and help my business and residential clients attain a healthier, greener and more harmonious lifestyle and building environment.
  • I teach classes on Feng Shui and green living and am faculty at the Metropolitan Institute of Design's Universal Feng Shui Certification course.
  • I author articles, a blog and Facebook Fan Page (LuminousSpacesFengShui) on green living and Feng Shui topics.
  • Personally, I compost all non-meat and non-dairy in my backyard and have wonderful dirt for my gardens.
  • I am a member of a CSA (community-supported agriculture).
  • use non-toxic cleaning products.
  • re-use and recycle just about everything I can.
  • I am installing water efficient plumbing fixtures as I go.
  • limit use of electricity by pulling out plugs and turning off outlet strips at night

Green Challenge

  • Switching my gas guzzler for an energy efficient car - finally finishing payments and would love to be payment-less for a while!
  • Getting passed the luxury of a dryer to save money and reduce our energy use.

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Maureen Calamia

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