Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • Does not drive a car - walks, bikes or uses public transportation
  • Handwashing and air drying of laundry
  • Handwashing and air drying dishes, pots, pans
  • Cools with open windows and shades
  • Low flow showerhead
  • Vegan-uses local organic produce, nuts, soymilk, no leather
  • Volunteer for Shoreline Food Bank organic community garden
  • No single use containers-bev or otherwise
  • Eco-friendly cleaning, laundry and dish soap-wants to make her own when this batch is finished
  • Energy saver light bulbs
  • Unplugs computer and office equipment when not in use
  • Reads books from library, second hand paperbacks or e-books
  • Recycles paper, plastic and cardboard
  • Reuses mailing envelopes
  • Buys gently used clothing when posssible
  • Made wall paper from old magazines
  • Suppporter of repower america
  • Supporter of e2 technology


Green Challenge

  • Incorporating organic clothing, make up, bed linens, towels
  • Would love to live in an eco-dwelling
  • Educating myself in fostering a green economy and environment



Monica Hamdan

Old Saybrook, CT