Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • Eating a vegetarian diet
  • Using cloth shopping bags 90% of the time
  • Recycling everything after "reusing" first! Take our own recycling and garbage to dump
  • Reusing take-out containers as tupperware - some can even go through the dishwasher. Use glass instead of plastic storage as much as possible.
  • Using recycled paper and other office products whenever possible
  • Mindful of turning lights off and heat down whenever possible.
  • Using organic napkins by Liza Locket Domestic Designs - love 'em!
  • Using only recycled paper towels and paper napkins and those sparingly.
  • Using eco-safe home cleaning products as much as possible.
  • We do minimal driving - working from home or close to the office, combining trips to cut down on mileage.
  • Washing all clothing in cold water, full loads only.
  • Using economy setting on dishwasher.
  • Using open windows, shades, and ceiling fans instead of air conditioning as much as possible
  • Not using single-use beverage containers


Green Challenge

  • Working on changing all bulbs to CFL's - need to find CFL that works with dimmer switch
  • Need to find a bleach alternative and a laundry detergent that cleans well.
  • Our next car will be a hybrid (what to do with the battery?)
  • Hoping to buy or build a sustainable house or at least a house that we can implement sustainable options

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James and Meaghen Damato

Sag Harbor, NY