Eco-Patchwork Project



Green Lifestyle Changes

  • No more "Paper or Plastic" confusion! BYO Bags!
  • Involved in the "Extreme Green Community Makeover" in St. Charles IL, where we installed RainExchange systems and Rain Gardens in multiple residences over a 3 day period.
  • Maintain properties using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides
  • Close to being "package free" in my food and grocery shopping (still a work in progress)

Green Challenge

  • I would like to become the premier installer of Rainwater Recycling systems and provider of stormwater management programs on LI and in the Tri-State area.
  • Increase awareness of how Stormwater runoff is a major issue on the East End specifically and in the Tri-State area in general.
  • I would really like to show the general public that each and every small step you take towards a Sustainable lifestyle will help tremendously in the long run. Doesn't mean you have to change your politics and make dramatic changes to your lifestyle, just adjust and adapt your thinking in stages.

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